In this section, you find the Covid-19 update, where you can read about the Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions that might be in force.

Current status of Budapest: no specific restrictions are in force. 

Further considerations: the Hungarian Rhapsodies owners and tour guides consider health as a top priority, and we always follow the latest guidelines to keep all guests safe. Walking tours are one of the safest touring experiences you can have. Here are the measure we are taking:

          we are in the open air during the majority of the tours

          we have a limited group size of up to 15 people

          booking and payment go electronically, no tickets, coupons, or cash are involved

          we use remote audio devices and a single-use headset is provided for the clients

          our guides avoid shaking hands or any other physical contact with the tour guests

          our guides maintain social distancing and encourage and help to adopt appropriate social distancing between each other too

          our guides carry hand sanitizer and make it available to all of the tour guests

          when prescribed or requested our guides will wear a mask and will ensure that guests will do so, too

          only symptom-free and fully vaccinated guides will lead the tour

          guides are fully aware of the involved places’ (wine-tasting cellar, café) and  public transport’s specific Covid-19 requirements and comply with them

          to support test and trace, guides will obtain contact details for all guests per booking, and keep the details for at least 21 days following any tour in a GDPR-conform way

          if a guest is experiencing symptoms we will arrange a rescheduling or a refund with him/her and will not allow to join the group