Hungarian Rhapsodies

Music Walks in Budapest

Listen to the numerous stories connected to the places where Liszt and Bartók, the great Hungarian composers lived, performed and taught. Know more about the cultural history of central Budapest through the city’s classical music heritage. The Prelude tour requires no prior lexical knowledge to join, and can be enjoyed by anyone simply interested in classical music! Let us walk together through the heart of Budapest while discovering places with hidden classical music treasures!

Explore how the greatest figures of the Hungarian and international classical music scene, such as Liszt, Solti, Bartók, Dohnányi, Kodály, Lehár, Cziffra, Rózsa, Brahms, Mahler, Debussy, etc. are connected to central Budapest. The Andante tour is specifically designed for those with some knowledge in the field of classical music. Highly recommended for enthusiastic classical music lovers, music teachers, music students, professional and non-professional musicians alike!

Hungary is famous for its classical music tradition and for its excellent wine. The Liszt&Wine Walking Tour unwraps the secrets of Liszt, the central figure of the Hungarian musical scene, and combines the walk with wine tasting in a bar that offers an unbelievable selection of  carefully curated Hungarian wines. Enjoy this unique intellectual and culinary medley in the footsteps of Liszt who largely shaped Hungary’s music landscape and truly admired Hungarian wine and gastronomy.

Romani or gypsy people form the largest ethnic minority in Europe. Music is an unquestionable part of the precious Romani culture. Genuine gypsy music has always been a great inspiration for classical music composers, such as Liszt or Brahms, and enchanted artists and dignities. The Gypsy Culture Tour is intended to give you an insight into the past and living traditions of gypsy musicians in their own neighbourhood in Budapest (District 8) with the guidance of UCCU, a local Romani civil organisation.

A new way of discovering Budapest

Hear capturing stories of the greatest musicians while discovering breathtakingly beautiful Budapest and its remarkable cultural heritage.
Our tours offer a unique, enlightening, and highly enjoyable way to get closer to the rich classical music treasure of the capital.

Why Budapest?

Stunningly beautiful Budapest is a fascinating blend of cultures and styles.
It is one of the most culturally important European metropolises, offering a multicultural ambiance, impressive architecture, vibrant cultural activities, and a sumptuous gastronomy scene.
Certainly a highlight of any visit to Central Europe.

What does Hungarian Rhapsodies offer?

By joining our tours you will discover the spots related to the musical heritage through stories, legends, secrets, titbits of information.
You will learn more about the connection of Liszt, Bartók, Mahler, Solti, Lehár, Ligeti, and many more to this fascinating city and we will introduce you to the enchanting secret world of Romani (Gypsy) music.

Did you know?
One of the dedicatees of Mallet Quartet by Steve Reich, emblematic composer of minimal music of the 20-21st century, was the Hungarian Amadinda Percussion Group on the occasion of their 25th anniversary in 2009.
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Did you know?
Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály said: There is no complete spiritual life without music, for the human soul has regions which can only be illuminated by music.
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Did you know?
The Liszt Academy of Music Budapest is the only institute in the world which was established by Liszt himself. He was the founding President in 1875 and led the piano artists' training programme until his death in 1886.
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Did you know?
What Tom is playing in the famous Oscar winning (1946) cartoon "The Cat Concerto" is indeed Hungarian Rhapsody No.2. by the Hungarian composer Liszt.
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Did you know?
A miniature funny sculpture of Liszt welcomes the passengers in the terminal of the Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest, one of the Kolodko sculptures.
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“What else could we wish for? A magical tour with wonderful guides in a magical city on the topic of music. What a pleasure wandering around with like-minded people, hearing all the fascinating stories and details, breathing in the atmosphere of this uniquely beautiful city. Can't recommend enough!”
Esther Hargittai (UK, Israel)
musician, choral conductor, Kodály approach educator
"Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and full of marvelous anecdotes to share with us. The information shared had a terrific balance of insightful historical, factual and humorous information. It was a pleasure to be guided by someone who has an obvious love and pride of her country's cultural heritage and was eager to share it, make suggestions for further exploration and patiently answer our questions."
A musician from the U.S.A.

Be impressed by the surprising and rich musical heritage of Budapest