My dream has come true with founding my classical music walking tours in 2023.

My story is connected to my long term association with the Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, where I have had the privilege of guiding our guests around. This has always provided a good opportunity to speak about the history of the academy, the Hungarian music scene, and the relationship of this heritage to the international music scene. Among my guests, all kinds of people and professions have appeared from all over the world, such as renowned professors, musicians, journalists, music students, managers, business people, sponsors, etc.  I was able to connect with them by shaping my words best suited to their interests and knowledge levels. The feedback I have received was truly inspiring. They reaffirmed my sincere belief in Hungary’s musical heritage and made me realize how underrated this heritage is, especially abroad.

I have decided to create the “Hungarian Rhapsodies”  Classical Music Walking Tours Budapest with the aim of introducing Hungarian music and cultural history to a wider audience. We bring our musicians closer and reveal this unparalleled heritage to the visitors of Budapest.

Beáta Furka, founder

How did I build the team?
My close friend Anna Kovács joined the initiative to become the executive officer, bringing in her proven record of experienced manager in various business fields and companies (incl. Liszt Academy). She is a truly international woman coming from a family of diplomats, lived and studied abroad for many years, and now lives in a multilingual family.
Péter Merényi music historian, music teacher and music critic, a devoted Budapest lover has recently joined the team of guides in English-language.

Szilvia Szénási, the Director of the UCCU Roma Informal Educational Foundation joined the team and we elaborated the Gypsy Culture Tour jointly, in this tour she or Norbert Horváth from the Foundation will be your guide.

Julianna Radó-Wirthmann, a friend of ours joined as an advisor. She has worked in the hospitality industry for a long time and has been engaged with classical music as a music journalist.

We also volunteer in non-profit organizations connected to the classical music, cultural heritage, and music education scenes of Hungary.

Did you know?
Sunday afternoon was the tennis time for Kodály and Dohnányi in the magnificent Dohnányi villa located in the Buda side.
Did you know?
Bartók considered Kodály to be the greatest Hungarian composer-pedagogue.
Did you know?
Hungarian-born pianist Livia Rév was actively teaching and performing even in her nineties. She had a very long life, died when she was 101.
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Did you know?
When Mme Emma Kodály was in hospital, Yehudi Menuhin played Kodály's Adagio at her sickbed.
Did you know?
The most celebrated Hungarian conductor of our days Ivan Fischer, the founder of the Budapest Festival Orchestra has been lately emerging as a composer, too.
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The graphic designer of the site is Frigya Ferenc Szabó who has long been connected to the Hungarian cultural and art sector and has a special affection for this field. The majority of the photos on the site are from Andrea Felvégi, one of the leading figures in the Hungarian cultural photography scene, and from Orsolya Kostyál, a young digital communication specialist (who happens to be my daughter:-)). Of course, we used some stock photos as well but primarily wanted to introduce the city through the eyes of the tours and the lenses of locals.

The website development and the focus group research were implemented by Márton Rétvári and Tamás Bokor.

The texts have been edited by Stewart Hay, a Canadian-born musician, and lector,  who has made his home in Budapest.

As we are trying to be up-to-date via following all relevant local media, concert halls, and concert organizers’ platforms, it is our intention to show what’s on in the city. Our personal and living connections to the players of the Hungarian and international music scene guarantee the authenticity of all programs offered.

We do hope that by surfing on this site, on our social media platforms, and joining the entertaining yet informative tours, you will also feel our dedication and commitment.

Hear stories of the greatest composers, conductors, instrumentalists and more while discovering breathtakingly beautiful Budapest!